Company Overview

The Link Deeds company is an entertainment consulting business which branches out into Talent Management, Entertainment Staff training, brand management and entertainment business structure building. It was founded upon a thirst for quality foundation of talent necessities, up to standard productivity as well as quality representation of entities within the entertainment industry, in November 2012 but legally registered int 2016. Successful achievements include, event coordination, talent management and brand creation, company structure construction among a host of others. The company ran successfully for 4 years before being registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and is aimed at using the best available services to transform talent into brands. The Link Deeds company boasts of several affiliations and partnerships that have successfully made positive ripple effects within its industry and presently has divisions that cover Music Publishing, Merchandising, Touring, endorsement opportunities, management, social media management and other forms of engagements to further maximize talent to its utmost potential.


To create and grow talent into successful brands.


To create, follow and teach a template for success for talents that have potential to become brands.